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Modular, Clamp Together Ducting
Whether your application calls for light to heavy gage duct, or moderate to severe process criteria, LaserLock™ ducting makes the right product for you. LaserLock™ ducting is a modular ducting system available in a range of standard sizes in fully welded five foot lengths. The system is complete with bends, blast gate dampers, reducing cones, branch pieces — all joined with clamps. The use of clamps creates a sealed joint and reduces installation time to almost half that of conventional methods of ducting. Our experienced staff can review our capabilities with you, or you can send your specifications to us and we will provide solutions for easy installation and secure clamping of your system.

Duct Size and Options
Using CNC technology and specific tooling designed to costeffectively produce our product, Duct Incorporated is able to supply ducting from 3" to 80"+ in galvanized, galvaneal (for paint and powder coating), and SS (304 and 316). Heavy gage pipe can be either rolled and welded or produced as spiral.

Fully welded or buffed product can be made to your specifications with high strength clamping systems. Our ducting from 16 gage to 22 gage has a rolled end directly on the product.

Industries that use our ducting are:

Air Movement

* Air Conditioning
* Fume Extraction
* Air Compressor Heat Recovery
* Fumes
* Commercial Kitchen Cooking
* Heat Recovery
* Exhaust Flues
* Marine Applications
* Oil & Gas Industry
* Plating & Anodizing
* Education — Schools & Colleges

Materials Handling

* Agricultural
* Cement Processes
* Dust Control
* Fertilizer Manufacturing
* Grain Handling
* Foodstuff Manufacturing
* Manufacturing
* Plastics Manufacturing
* Pneumatic Conveying
* Pharmaceutical Production
* Paper
* Textiles
* Packaging
* Timber Industry
* Mining & Mineral Processing

Miscellaneous Applications

* Concrete Forms
* Gravity Chutes
* Original Equipment Applications